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Development of collaborative projects

//Development of collaborative projects
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Collaborative projects

Collaborative projects are always born in response to business needs, at the proposal of a partner, and with their interest clearly stated.

It is common for them to arise within working groups, but they can be illuminated through any of the means of interaction used in IDiA: needs surveys, individual interviews, proposals to distribution lists, specific or general seminars …

Experience has shown us that addressing projects collaboratively not only lowers costs but also increases the quality of their results significantly, thanks in large part to the sharing of contributions from various partners.

It is enough that two partners agree to collaborate so that IDiA gives them all their support. This support can be specified in

  • support for the creation and revitalization of the group, including the search for external expert
  • resources and the creation of consortiums
  • support for the definition of the collaborative project
  • administrative management of the project
  • organization of meetings
  • cession of media (rooms, devices, etc.)
  • search for financial supports (grants and loans)
  • in some cases, project leadership

Some of the projects that we are currently addressing are:

  • MIDiA – mobile / web development platform
  • Indoor Positioning Technologies (IPS)
  • Program to boost talent and benefits for employees IDiA +
  • Benchmarking of ICT costs and processes
  • RFID applied to warehouse flows
  • Smart labeling in logistics flows
  • Semantic Web applied to e-commerce
  • Business intelligence in productive processes
  • Infotainment and gamification for sale


Other previously developed projects:

  • Aragón Automotive Network
  • Tractor companies IDiA
  • ROPO applied to the improvement of distribution
  • Business intelligence in productive processes

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