IDiA is committed to innovation and employment in Aragon with the eNCUENTRA Program - Cluster IDiA, innovación colaborativa entre empresas intensivas en TIC de Aragón
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IDiA is committed to innovation and employment in Aragon with the eNCUENTRA Program

From the IDiA Cluster we launched this year the eNCUENTRA program, together with the support of INAEM, an innovation solution for young Aragonese people to get work in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and discover their true vocation.

What is the situation of the ICT field in Aragon?

In Aragón we have powerful companies submerged in the use of ICTs that are in the middle of expansion and growth. However, we lack the necessary professionals to cover all the existing labor demand, which is an obstacle to economic growth.

After turning 15 years and increasing its number of partners, IDiA is committed to innovation in Aragon with its most ambitious project: the eNCUENTRA Program.

What is the eNCUENTRA Program and to whom is it aimed?

The eNCUENTRA Program responds to a high social and economic need: develop and achieve digital talent in Aragon, to grow with quality companies and jobs. Its development represents a great step in the creation of methodologies aimed at the integration of young people in this professional environment, promoting their motivation, social activation and preparation. Young people can find a job, a job opportunity, a real opportunity and a vocation unknown until then.

Thanks to this initiative, many young unemployed Aragonese between 16 and 30 years old can discover a new job opportunity. And IDiA sees innovation as a fundamental way for the growth of young people, carrying out projects with special attention to the application of ICT in their initiatives.

What are the objectives of the eNCUENTRA Program?

The main objective of this program is to get quality training and employment for the job placement of unemployed young people in companies in the ICT sector, so the design, development and evaluation of innovative methodologies focused on these is very present. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination in access to employment will be promoted, incorporating a gender perspective in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities. By studying the eNCUENTRA Program, professional skills and social skills of unemployed youth will be improved.

How will it be developed FIND?

Those people that the technical team evaluates as adequately trained will receive offers of technical training adapted to their individual characteristics.

  • Initial Theoretical Training – Face-to-face: Knowledge of ICT and the Digitalization of companies. Of obligatory character.
  • Technical Training: If, once the mandatory sessions have been completed, the team considers that a technical training period is necessary, the student will complete the training itineraries appropriate to their profile.

Training can be combined with internships in companies. The contents of the course are taught by top-level professionals, ensuring that students can develop the necessary skills to face the labor market with guarantees.

In the execution of the program, 5 activities are differentiated:

  1. Presentation of the program and attention to the requests.
  2. Development of training
  3. Insertion.
  4. Accompaniment and monitoring of students.
  5. Dissemination of results.

Young people will be able to choose professions like:

  • Administration of Databases
  • Systems and Networks Administration
  • Development of Web and Mobile Applications
  • Big Data
  • SAP
  • Sales Force

What are the possibilities of finding employment in the ICT sector?

Thanks to the eNCUENTRA Program, at least 70% of the young people selected will be able to do non-work placements in the ICT professional field in companies of any sector. In addition, at least 50% will be inserted in the labor world, whether or not they have completed training or internships.

Which companies are part of the eNCUENTRA Program?

Young people who take the program can access to practice in Aragonese companies intensive in the use of ICT. These companies have needs not covered by hiring, so those who are part of eNCUENTRA will have more opportunity to be hired. We can mention among them Adidas, Alliance, Healthcare, BSH, Deloitte, Grupo Sesé, Ibercaja or Quelinka, among others.

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