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Benefits of being a member of Cluster IDiA

Being a member of IDiA enhances your competitiveness and national visibility. We offer you:

Participation in business development activities: we are present in international congresses and we collaborate with european clusters with the aim of boosting our partners participation in foreign networks and markets.

Development of collaborative-multidisciplinary projects and innovative practices application: our large project portfolio shows our activity, as well as the results and achievements.


  • Access to a communication forum that facilitates an exchange of resources, knowledge, experiences, concerns and interests: Our cluster organizes days with profesional experts and topics of remarkable repercussion and interest for our companies and institutions.
  • Reach joint purchase agreements and formalize contracts with providers in advantageous situations, as the SAP services case, mobile developments, printing, etc.
  • Access to advanced training and reference certifications for excellence, we ellaborate and carry out a training program for our associate’s needs and interests.
  • Participation in talent attraction, growth and retention programs, as well as innovative and intrapreneur attitude promotion: as an example, IDiA+ Benefit program, based on the extention of the innovative TIC culture to all of our companie’s employees.


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