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We preside over FENAEIC – AEIs and Clusters

/We preside over FENAEIC – AEIs and Clusters
We preside over FENAEIC – AEIs and Clusters2018-04-12T10:55:11+02:00

The National Federation of Innovative Business Groups aFENAEICnd Clusters (FENAEIC) was set up in Madrid in 2009, with the aim of promoting the competitiveness and growth of the companies and institutions associated with our clusters from a collaborative perspective.
Since 2013 Antonio Novo, General Director of the IDiA Association, is also president of FENAEIC.

Below we highlight some of the activities and services that we developed from FENAEIC:

  • We are approaching a process of strategic reflection, responding to the realities and needs of current Spanish AEIs and clusters.
  • We maintain a continuous dialogue and promote new ways of collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, essentially aiming to increase the recognition and participation of clusters and AEIs in their policies and programs.
  • We promote international collaboration agreements, such as the agreement with France Clusters, the most powerful European federation.
  • We organize national events such as the II National Congress of Clusters in Zaragoza.
  • We identify training needs and interests of our associates in order to organize training programs.
  • We are developing a Spanish Clusters Guide, a fundamental tool to facilitate the development of our activities, communication and collaboration between clusters and other related entities.
  • We are preparing a benchmarking proposal, where the clusters can publicize regional policies and extract best practices; thus being able to serve as a reference to our institutions.
  • We work to reach collaboration agreements with the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, among which could be specified actions that facilitate and lower the access of Spanish clusters to their certifications, supported by VDI.

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