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The Electronic Billing can bring important advantages to business management, in two fundamental areas:

  1. Cost Savings: printing, handling, sending, receiving, verification, introduction in computer systems, storage, recovery in case of litigation …
  2. Streamlining transactions: the electronic invoice is transmitted in a matter of seconds, it can be integrated and verified instantly. Any error or disagreement can be communicated immediately, thereby significantly shortening its resolution deadlines. Similarly, its recovery and treatment for statistical purposes, or for the management of litigation, is simple and effective. All this leads to a reduction in the resources necessary for billing management, also obtaining the possibility of a better analysis and exploitation of the information related to the sales and billing process.

Other advantages of the application of the electronic invoice to those previously mentioned are:

  • Optimization of the treasury
  • Obtaining information in real time
  • Reduction of management times
  • Agility in decision making
  • Automated accounting and administration
  • Control of wrong actions
  • Effective use of financial resources
Since 2007, an important group of partner companies of IDiA is developing a joint action with the purpose of extending the use of electronic invoicing both within their organizations and among their business partners, customers and suppliers.

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