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IDiA has an extensive network of collaborators, forming part of an innovative ecosystem in which it is inserted and to which it realizes effectively.

The cluster itself already has a very important number and type of participants, which constitutes an internal ecosystem. Within IDiA there are outstanding companies, financial entities such as the Caja3 group, media such as Heraldo de Aragón, the two Aragonese universities and institutions such as the Zaragoza City Council.

An effective insertion into the global innovative ecosystem is fundamental to our success. It is in this framework that we establish stable collaboration links with all that type of external actors, in regional, national and international spheres.

Thus, in the business field we have built a program of IDiA preferred partners, among which we can mention Ciber, Hiberus, Inycom, KeenSoft or Kyocera, as examples.

We maintain excellent relations of collaboration with numerous public entities.

In relation to the agencies of the Government of Aragon, we should mention our constant collaboration with the General Direction of New Technologies, in the Department of Industry and Innovation,under the Department of Economy and Employment, we maintain a continuous relationship with the Center for Advanced Technologies, Aragón Exterior and the Aragonese Development Institute.

At a national level, we signed in the register of Innovative Business Groups managed by the General Subdirectorate of Institutional Environment and Innovation Programs for SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Under this program we have been developing very interesting projects and initiatives.

Regarding other structures specialized in innovation, we maintain constant relations of collaboration with entities such as Clusters of Aragon, FENAEIC, France Clusters and TCI Network, among others.


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