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Work groups

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Work Groups

Teamwork is part of our daily culture and methodology. Its application to the activities of the association arises in a natural and fluid way.

To create a working group, it is enough for one partner to propose it and someone else agrees to form it.

The teams integrate personnel from any functional area of the partners, creating groups that are often multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral. We combine talent and knowledge of high expert level, gaining in quality and breadth of results.

It is common for a team to invite external collaborators to participate in its activities.

It is usual for the group leader to belong to the company that initially proposed its creation. It is not uncommon that, if the interest is critical on the part of various companies, several people share leadership.

A working group usually focuses on a general theme, typically studying its state of the art, monitoring where it evolves and developing initiatives that help members to take full advantage of the opportunities related to that particular topic.

It is common for a group of work to createseveral collaborative projects and initiatives of various types: organization of training, seminars, workshops, visits to success stories, etc. There are work groups, such as Communications, which have been active for 10 years, including the annual organization of the Professional Communications Days.

Some of the groups highlighted by their recent activity are:

  • Digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0
  • SAP Excellence Group
  • ICT talent and employment
  • Specialized training
  • Data on Mobility
  • Shared services center
  • Communications


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